biography: Julius Geis, Founder & CEO


Julius Geis calls himself a "brand aesthete", consulting businesses in the outdoor, sports, and fashion industries in this capacity for the past 10 years. 

Julius started his career as a brand and marketing manager for different sports brands, including: Bataleon Snowboards, Surf Couture, Hawk, Gotcha, and Nitro Snowboards. He worked for (the online portal of one of Germany’s most influential newspapers) as an online marketing manager. In 2008, he joined the creative agency H2O Media (Valtech), inventing effective online and social media campaigns for brands such as Windows, Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail, Bing, Cab – Cola & Beer, Gore-Tex, and Kia.

In 2010, he founded the agency label On Any Given Monday and became the global social media lead for legendary sports-lifestyle brand Bogner. He also created an innovative and successful campaign for Sony Music and consulted for the Munich 2018 Olympic Bid Committee.

In 2013, Julius refined his business focus by creating his own brand methodology that became the foundation of  JULIUS GEIS – BRAND AESTHETE® and the company's work today.

For Julius, branding is more than just creating a glossy surface. For him, identity-based branding is a powerful instrument that leads companies and their people toward sustainable business success.

Since October 2016, Julius is living with his family on the island of Maui, Hawaii.


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