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The experience a brand (manufacturers) or a specialty retailer communicates to customers at the various contact points of product delivery is called the Brand Experience Delivery™. 

JULIUS GEIS – BRAND AESTHETE® believes that product delivery presents a perfect opportunity for strengthening the brand identities of both the brand and the specialty retailer.

Our practical experience and reseach have shown that the delivery of a product starts an interplay between hypothetical brand promise and a specific branding experience.

Our applied Brand Experience Delivery™ audit thoroughly appraises the performance of the brand manufacturer and the specialty retailer. Our team of experienced brand experts will detect branding inconsistencies, as well as hidden potential and market opportunities for your brand.

The end result is an engaging and constructive experience report containing concrete recommendations for implementation.

Brand Experience Delivery™ Audit, Step by Step

Our Brand Experience Delivery™ audit is carried out by our brand experts and evaluated according to the following criteria:

1.0 Overall Condition of Product

  • What is the physical condition of the package at time of delivery?
  • What is the quality of the packaging?
  • Is there instant brand recognition? 

2.0 Brand Emotion

  • What is the emotional response to the product when opening the package and unpacking the product?
  • Is the brand history clearly discernable?
  • Which emotions are being evoked and how?
  • and more...

3.0    Brand Message and Customer Communication

  • How are customers addressed?
  • What unique messages are conveyed by the brand?
  • Are all potential contact points being used efficiently? 
  • Are the contact points effectively conveying brand history?
  • Before delivery of the product, what kind of brand messaging does the company use in its invoices, customer correspondence, packaging, etc.?
  • Is the product dispatched with little extras that reinforce the desirability of the brand and its positioning? 

4.0    Language

  • Does the brand use a specific tone and style in addressing the customer?
  • Order-Delivery Journey: What does communication with the customer look and sound like, from the moment of ordering to delivery and follow up?
  • Does the language style and tone used by the brand intensify the brand experience?

Each category contains many more criteria not listed here.


Strategic Roadmap

  1. Getting to know each other: 30-minute conference call with JULIUS GEIS – BRAND AESTHETE® brand experts (for initial exchange of information).
  2. Constructing an informed opinion about e-commerce: Surveying your online shop and evaluating our first impressions as market experts, examining product selection and making trial purchases of one or several products (we recommend completing several orders, as Brand Experience Delivery™ usually varies with different-size orders).
  3. Checkout process: forming initial impressions without analyzing the checkout process logistically, or making recommendations based on shop performance or shop usability. Detection of any obstacles negatively affecting brand experience will be detailed in our final report.
  4. Order confirmation and follow up steps: email follow up, shipping confirmation, tracking and status updates, customer communication before and after delivery. This is where Brand Experience Delivery™, the central part of our audit, springs into action: We meticulously review each piece of communication at all relevant contact points to analyze its effectiveness in conveying brand impact, brand value and brand experience. We survey core brand values like service, as well as soft brand values, like desired emotional response. This stage of the audit aims to provide you with the detailed analysis of our Brand Experience Delivery™ as well as discovering new opportunities and risks to improve customer/brand loyalty.
  5. Delivery: Detailed photographic documentation of the physical condition of the product at time of delivery. Does the customer like the packaging and the label? Is the package easy to open? What’s the first impression of the product after you open the package? Does the product look and feel good? Which extras and additional information are included in the package? Our overarching goal is to identify how your brand affects, encourages or leads customers and how well it succeeds in fostering brand loyalty.

We evaluate all findings and supply comments based on photos or screenshots. The insights gained from our work are summarized in a final document according to the structure detailed above and will be presented to you during a phone/video conference.


Target Group and Costs

Who benefits from the Brand Experience Delivery™ audit?

This audit is aimed at brand and marketing decision makers who want to permanently increase the ROI of their marketing activities. The keyword is Relationship Management, as it measures the bond between brand and customer. There is strong interconnectivity between Relationship Management and commercial success through e-commerce.

Relationship Management affects:

  • The average product value of a customer’s order
  • The average number of orders per year
  • Customer life cycle – how many follow up orders are made by the same customer

Brand Experience Delivery™ represents one of several aspects of relationship management in e-commerce, but it is extremely valuable for building brand to customer bonds.

The most successful brands and specialty retailers are those that project strong brand identity. Our audit helps decision makers to adjust their activities and realize the potential of the holistic nature of brand management in e-commerce. 

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Optional Services


Audit: Follow-up

Recording customer communication in social media, newsletters, direct mail and other owned media platforms, over a period of 1-3-6-12 months.

Whether you’re a brand manufacturer or a specialty retailer, only strong brand has the power to attract loyal customers. The branding experts at JULIUS GEIS – BRAND AESTHETE® review customer communication on social media platforms, newsletters, direct mailings, including at special shopping events * or trade fairs.* We document all of your communication channels and examine them for brand conformity. Some of the areas we evaluate are product selection, brand design, brand tonality and language, brand experience and customer relationship. This process allows us to quickly detect inconsistencies, which subsequently can be corrected and improved upon.  

*Travel expenses and flat-rate fees additional

Audit: Brand Experience E-commerce

Both brands and specialty retailers have to decide to what degree their website wants to be a “shop” or a “brand.” Traditional brands and specialty retailers in particular struggle to find the right balance. JULIUS GEIS – BRAND AESTHETE® believes the right mix of both elements can generate long-term commercial success. Better yet, we’re convinced that a strong brand and brand experiences are also proven keys to success in e-commerce.

Our Brand Experience Delivery™ E-commerce audit analyzes online stores from the point of view of the brand. We invite you to contact us to find out more.

Audit: Brand Experience Performance Marketing

The experts in identity based brand positioning at JULIUS GEIS – BRAND AESTHETE® believe in an integral approach to staging a brand. Many omni-channel brands (e-commerce) face vital conflicts of interest: Build your brand or ROI? Rigorous brand language or marketing hype? You don’t have to choose between one or the other. We believe in both. 

Our Brand Experience Performance Marketing audit surveys the visibility and rigor of your brand under the aspect of Performance Marketing. 

This audit is aimed at all marketing and brand decision makers who want to improve the efficiency (ROI) of their online marketing campaigns through Brand Experience Performance Marketing.

Let's talk! Because really, at the end you're not loosing more then 30 minutes right?

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