Brand Strategy

A clear goal is the best motivator 

How do you turn your company into a unique brand? By following a clear strategy, JULIUS GEIS – BRAND AESTHETE® uses the concept of identity-based brand positioning to keep you on track to succeed.

We don’t think strategy follows a rigid model. Instead, it’s a process that keeps developing incrementally. Open minded, unbiased and as your peers, we’ll support you through this process every step of the way. 


Together, we’ll take the following action:

First, let’s search for, identify and define internal problem areas. Where are they and why do they exist? We’re going to draw an unsparing picture of the status quo. We’ll listen carefully and observe precisely. We’ll use our well honed sparring skills to identify internal conflicts, analyze their source and eliminate them for good.

Once we have identified the problems, we’ll figure out the possibilities and goals and lay out the path for success. We’ll identify your company’s untapped resources and help you set your hidden potential in motion.

We’ll implement efficient work processes that’ll get your company back on track, smoothly. 

The next step is analyzing your market place, in order to create a strong brand identity to make your company stand out from the competition. We’ll position your brand as a distinctive force in the market place.

We’ll go deep together. And then, we’ll climb back up, step by step. As your sparring partner, who helps you implement our mutually developed guidelines related to projects from communication to Corporate Design. As Interim Manager, who fills temporary positions from within our ranks to implement effective work processes within your organization. Or as a coach who trains staff in new knowledge to enhance know-how across the company.


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