Expanding Your Business into the European Market

Creating a successful market entry strategy

To enter a new market is very exciting as there is new growth potential and an opportunity to increase the number of clientele. That's easier said than done. Different distribution structures, legal circumstances and cultural differences are some of the many obstacles that arise when entering a new market.

 Source: http://www.europeanoutdoorgroup.com

Source: http://www.europeanoutdoorgroup.com

JULIUS GEIS – BRAND AESTHETE® was founded in Germany, successfully consulting European manufacturers and retailers for the past 10 years. The consulting firm is now operating out of the United States, offering clients experienced consultation through the potential risks and  growth opportunities when entering the European market.  By creating a business strategy together, we'll make sure we have a successful market entry strategy for your sports, outdoor and fashions brand.



  • General market research and growth potential analysis for products, brands and services
  • Customer survey (B2B and B2C)
  • Competitor analysis
  • USP evaluation 
  • Test market set up
  • Go to market strategy (Distribution, Digital, Retail)
  • and many more...

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