I am Lost!

Strategic Roadmap


As soon as a company hits a rough patch, the internal response is usually to pick one of two options: Weather the storm, or frantically spring into action.
And in the blink of an eye, agencies are hired. Corporate consultants show off slick diagrams. “Outstanding Marketing Campaigns” are urgently recommended. Experts are clamoring for the “outsourcing of conflict areas.” And in the end everyone agrees: “Thinking outside the box – yeah, great idea!” Do you know that feeling of being lost?


Pause for a moment, if you will. Stay calm. Look around. What does the inside of your box look like?  Where are its walls and borders? Are its edges and corners too sharp in places, its surfaces too worn out? Is your box acting as a roadblock, does it impede your forward momentum? Most of all: How was this damn box assembled in the first place? Are its foundations solid, is its construction sound? 

This is where we come in. For years, JULIUS GEIS – BRAND AESTHETE® has successfully nurtured his clients in the sports-, outdoor- and fashion industry by highlighting their core competencies, creating a unique identity and building an attractive and successful brand. 

And this is how we do it: Together, we analyze your box under a microscope. We examine your resources, your processes, and your market potential. We highlight your business opportunities and define your individual goals. We’re going to map out your identity-based market strategy, one that’s tailor made for you and guarantees your brand’s unique positioning. We’ll dive in deep together.  Then, we’ll climb back up, step by step.

You see? Boxes are great.  Seriously.

Let's talk! Because really, at the end you're not loosing more then 30 minutes right?

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Boxes are great. Seriously.™