Interim Management


We share our expertise with our clients by actively supporting existing teams, from marketing departments, to e-commerce and brand management.

By providing targeted stimulus from the outside, we transfer our know-how to the inside of your company – where it stays. And by tapping into your company’s existing human resources in the medium term (interim management), we can multiply your learning potential.

By temporarily outsourcing those management tasks that require not just the adoption of current marketing standards, but true innovation skills, your company stands to profit significantly. Smaller companies in particular can transition their brands into multi- or omni-channel.


Client success stories



“Julius Geis joined elkline at a crucial juncture for the company. He set in motion a process of profound change, which gave both the company and the brand a new focus and direction. Julius Geis empowered elkline’s brand in the highly competitive outdoor/urban/lifestyle market and supplied the company with the needed strength and resources to expand its position.

Julius Geis also implemented processes in elkline’s daily workflow to significantly optimize business operations. I am very grateful for his guidance."


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