I hope 2017 will be the year we all start dreaming again. 

After all, I’m an adventurer, always on the lookout for a loyal travel companion. Searching the world for the places that allow me to grow. My heart beats to the rhythm of optimism. Life - I want to feel it, touch it, live it! In my dreams, I’m a superhero. Strong, but also brave – I am who I am. Fearlessly, I follow my inner voice no matter the consequences. 

I want us to start dreaming again and stop talking about the weather. Who cares if it’s too cold, too warm, too whatever. Let’s go back to basics, the time when a crazy idea created snowboarding culture or when small communities morphed into discovery retail stores with cold chambers and Kanu pools. Those dreams transformed companies like Burton and Globetrotter into brands with a capital B. Their vision and passion built their success. Everything else just leads you astray. 

What does your dream look like?

What I would like to see at the upcoming ISPO are heroes, adventurers and dreamers. I want crazy ideas and innovation. I want the entire industry to find the courage to rediscover itself and emerge ready for the future, today. I want brands to stop imitating each other. Tell their own stories again and inspire the market. I want retailers to ask themselves: what am I really good at, what do I really want- instead of: what flies off the shelves right now? I don’t want a robotic, soulless experience. I want digital interactivity that fosters creativity and truly enriches human experience. Our industry has to reimagine consumers as likeminded peers and not just a target group. That’s what I personally wish for this year’s ISPO: fearless heroes and heroines. 


Julius Geis is a renowned expert in identity-based brand positioning for retailers and manufacturers. As CEO of JULIUS GEIS – BRAND AESTHETE® he consults globally successful brands in the sports, fashion and outdoor industry.