Founder and CEO, Julius Geis, is the proven expert for creating innovative, identity-based retail brands. Julius Geis believes that market success arises from the company itself and its internal resources, so he developed a brand-positioning model based in the retail business space. Transparency, conviction, and market orientation have become a company’s focus, and this new understanding of values generates buying impulses for targeted groups. Retailer brand identity works with small and medium-sized companies in the premium sports fashion, outdoor, and fashion industries.


No hoax – Retailer-Brand-Identity actually works

March 2014, JULIUS GEIS – BRAND AESTHETE® is mandated to reposition the company Globetrotter and to develop its brand strategy for the brand relaunch. We used the core principle of retailer-brand-identity to help Globetrotter's position within the outdoor-sports market. 



Julius: If you think back in time to the beginning of our collaboration, how would you describe the situation of Globetrotter at that time?

Torsten: It was preceded by a very specific time, during which the market changed significantly. The crisis lasted for about three years. The market exploded. We were facing an increasing number of new competitors – above all in online retailing. This led to a more and more aggressive price war. Due to the preceded years of success, we as Globetrotter participated initially in the play. However, after two years we had to realize that this type of selling was not our thing. It led us into a deeper stagnation. 

We started to rethink from the moment we first met. We wanted to change and stay attractive and successful in the future.

Julius: How did Globetrotter define itself as a brand before our collaboration?

Torsten: We did not define us a lot as a brand. It went without saying that we were living what we were selling. We were still embossed by the founding spirit. It didn´t cross our mind that a retailer could be a brand at the same time.

Julius: You as brand manager are responsible for the strategic development of the brand. How did you and your team experience the changing process during the last two years?

Torsten: Naturally the changing process affected the mood of the people. That´s logical, since we have been on the road to success for years! We didn´t respond to the change and suddenly our sales were at risk. Initially we continued with old strategies, until we also adopted price-driven marketing strategies. Our newsletter, for example, highlighted information on prices and discount campaigns. It caused quite rapidly a kind of dissatisfaction among our employees. Week by week we created newsletters, which were more or less focusing the product prices. It had nothing to do with working creatively. 

Julius: How difficult has it been for you and your team to convince the staff that a brand relaunch was the way to go?

Torsten: It wasn´t and still isn´t easy. Talking a lot to each other… But our colleagues are looking forward to the new way – this is often reflected to me during several discussions. Our employees themselves love to be outside in nature and that´s what the brand Globetrotter still wants today: real life, for real experience!

Julius: What can we expect from Globetrotter this year?

Torsten: We want to live a modern and fresh brand, which can survive at the market in the long-term and inspires young people to the new “Outdoors” – naturally without losing sight of our long-standing clients. I.e. we are going to present our new webshop with a completely new “shopping experience” in September. We also launched a great magazine concept with the new Globetrotter magazine, which offers a new insight, new horizons to the readers. Additionally, we are going to redesign the visual appearance of our stores. There is a lot to do, but I´m looking forward to it! 

Julius: Thank you, Torsten!


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